Draw a heat map highlighting busy areas of the warehouse
Use a spreadsheet to draw the layout of a warehouse; then this software will color the storage locations according to frequency of visit by order-pickers or volume of product picked or any other statistic associated with storage locations.
Identify SKU affinities
This software will search through a history of customer orders to identify those SKUs that are frequently ordered together or that tend to complete orders by themselves.


Slot a forward pick area
It is not sufficient to store the fastest-moving SKUs forward because this does not account for the cost of restocking. This software determines which SKUs to store forward, in what amounts, and where, to minimize total labor (picking plus restocking).
Optimize pick-paths
Describe the layout of a warehouse and provide an order stream. Then this software computes the minimum travel distance pick-path. It also highlights, on a map of the warehouse, all the locations to be visited for each customer order.

Using the programs