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Coca-Cola DC, Atlanta

Layout of facility: Case-picking on the left, bulk on the back right, staging on the front right


Forklift configured to lift two pallets at once

Forklift carrying two pallets at once

Rework in the foreground; bulk storage in the background

Bulk storage. Note two skus stored back-to-back

Seasonal product

Floor stack in the forward pick area. This is the start of the pick-path because everything here stacks well.

Picking area for mid-pallet

Picking cases to pallet in the forward pick area. This aisle dead-ends at the far wall.

Product picked and staged for later addition to the pallet

Picking area for popular product, with overstock close by

Floor stack in the forward pick area

Forward pick area, with 3-deep pushback rack holding overstock above.

Selective rack (right) in forward pick area

Low-volume product appears towards the end of the pick-path through the forward pick area

Slow-moving product in carton flow rack to increase sku-density on pick-face

Carton flow rack, with overstock above

Pick face of carton flow rack.

Back of carton flow rack

Outbound product, both full pallets and mixed pallets with tiers

Outbound product. Note logic of pallet construction.

Outbound product staged at the shipping door

Outbound product for bulk customers

Outbound pallet with tiers

A side-load truck serves as a warehouse on wheels.